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Storm Water Management: Downspout Dispersion

Water moving over the same place will cause erosion and/or flooding. This is true with large bodies of water such as rivers and streams. It is also true for the storm water that runs out of downspouts.

Luckily, there is a water management technique that effectively eliminates erosion and flooding damage from downspouts. Don Olson Construction is experienced in downspout dispersion.

When rain water falls on a large surface area such as a roof, the volume of water can be tremendous. The water rolls down the slope of the roof to the gutters, then washes through the gutters until it is catapulted out of the downspout. At that point, while the water has been successfully removed from the top of the building, it has been concentrated into one place: the end of the downspout. This large volume of accumulated water, if not managed, can flood yards or parking areas, seep into foundations, turn lawns into mud, gardens into ponds, and landscaping into small rivers.

With downspout dispersion techniques, however, that large volume of concentrated water is distributed over a larger area, allowing the ground to absorb the water without erosion or flooding damage. Typically, we install a catch basis that is built to screen out the rain water from other material that comes down from the roof. The water is then dropped into a gravel trench that allows the water to disperse over a wide, pre-selected area which also provides flood prevention.

Give us a call. We will inspect your downspout and develop the water management system that will best protect your property.