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Soil Stabilization


Additives • Retaining Walls • Reinforcement

If the soil on your property isn’t stable, it can slide and erode, threatening the structural integrity of buildings and landscaping, and creating a safety concern for people and animals. Don Olson Construction specializes in soil stabilization, offering a number of services to keep your soil stable and your property sound.

Soil Stabilization with Soil Additives

One way to stabilize loose soil is to mix in powdered cement. The powder is tilled into the soil, then the soil-cement mixture is compacted, leaving it firm and stable.

Soil Stabilization with Retaining Walls

Soil on hills and near steep drops can be unstable. By building a retention wall before the drop, we are able to shore up the soil. With a retention wall, land above and below the soil remains relatively even and stable. Retention walls can also be decorative, adding not just stability, but an attractive new element to outdoor space.

Retaining Wall Reinforcement

Retaining walls only do their job when they are adjacent to the ground they are stabilizing. When a gap forms between a retaining wall and the soil it was designed to support – whether due to erosion, shifting earth or a poor initial design – it must be reinforced. We reinforce retaining walls by backfilling them with engineered Pit Run or Crushed Rock to ensure soil stability and wall strength.