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Storm Water Retention Systems

Storm-Retention-1When storm water surges down a drain, where does it go? If you’ve planned ahead, the water flows into a storm water retention system to trap the large quantities of water.

Without a storm water retention system, you could have trouble handling heavy rainfall. During a heavy rain, water flows not just into one drain, but into all of them at once. Once underground this tremendous volume of water can be overwhelming to a drainage system and the storm water drains can back up.

You don’t want storm water backing up into your property. When it backs up, it comes up wherever it can – flooding streets and gurgling into basements. And if the storm water has met up with the sewer system, the backup may not just be clean water.

Don Olson Construction can help you ensure that a downpour doesn’t overwhelm your drain and sewer system. We will assess your needs recommend a solution that will work best. We install retention tubes, chambers, poured-in-place vaults and pre-cast vaults to ensure large volumes of water don’t overwhelm and back up your system.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you install a storm water retention system on your property.