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Good roads are necessary for cities to function and businesses to thrive. They bring residents to and from work, and customers to and from places of business. They allow communities to come together. They help people go home. They impact the safety, productivity, beauty and vitality of a community.

Roads must be built right.

Building a road is a major structural endeavor. Careful planning and technical engineering is needed to manage traffic, water drainage, utilities, erosion, load, environmental impact and more. Once the road building plan is in place, the road must be properly constructed to bear the tremendous load and wear.

Don Olson Construction specializes in road building. For more than three decades we have worked with cities and commercial developers to plan and build roads that stand the test of time. Our road building services include:

  • Building plat site plan development
  • Excavation and land moving
  • Trenching for utilities and drainage
  • Water mains and storm drains
  • Sewer installation
  • Curb, sidewalk and asphalt road construction
  • Landscaping