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Planning Plats • Drain Installation • Commercial and Residential Drainage

If you have property that you care about, then you need to protect it from rain water. Gentle rain is not a problem. It rinses buildings, cleans dusty sidewalks and waters grass and flowers. But when rain comes in droves, it can cause serious damage.

Rushing rain water cannot be absorbed quickly enough into the earth. Pulled by gravity, it carves your landscaping as it flows toward lower ground, causing puddles, mud, and erosion. It can flood parking lots and roadways, and seep into buildings when left to collect near foundations.

Luckily, storm water can be easily managed. Don Olson Construction is a specialist with it comes to storm water management.

We work with developers and engineers to identify drainage needs, develop the planning plats and install the drains. Whether residential or commercial, new or existing construction, our experienced team provides professional, experienced service to ensure water is captured in appropriate storm drains and routed away from your property.