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Underground Utilities



Underground Cable • Sewer • Storm Water • Phone • Underground Gas Lines

What lies beneath the surface of a residential or commercial property may be just as important as what rises above it. Under the ground, drainage pipes, sewer systems, water line and gas, power and cable lines are buried. They bring services to the buildings and structures on a property, and remove waste such as storm water and sewage.

Underground utilities are essential to safe, beautiful, modern construction. Hidden underground where they are not an eyesore, utilities are safe from vandalism or accidental damage. They run under roadways and parking lots, under gardens and beneath foundations. They can remain untouched and serviceable for years.

If, that is, they are properly planned and installed.

Without proper planning and installation, however, underground utilities can wreak havoc. To reach and repair or re-route underground utilities, crews often need to dig into lawns, drill into roadways and otherwise destroy the surface to get beneath. This unplanned repair is time consuming and costly – and often would not be necessary with correct upfront planning and installation.

Don Olson Construction specializes in underground utility installation. We work with developers and engineers to develop a building plat site plan that maps underground utilities, taking into account various factors such as road load, erosion, drainage and more. Our experienced crews then trench and install the utilities as planned, ensuring the work will serve the community for years to come.